Friday, 17 August 2012

Gas Competency Review – APHC Survey

In 2011 the Gas Safe Register (GSR) undertook a review into issues surrounding the competence of individuals to carry out safe gas work. In May 2012 GSR published a number of findings from its consultative work. APHC feel the report represents a reasonably fair and balanced view, but the report itself does not make any recommendations on actions to be taken.

E&U Skills the Sector Skills Council is now leading on a project to put forward competency recommendations to deal with the GSR findings laid down in the report. The recommendations can include for some modification and revision to the gas Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS).

APHC has via one of its working groups put forward a number of recommendations for change, these are outlined in our survey questions. The aim of the survey is therefore to collect the wider views of the industry on this important review work. Your participation in this survey is important as your responses will form part of a document to be passed to E&U Skills to be added to their recommendations for change. Employer participation levels in previous review exercises surrounding gas competency and ACS has previously been quite low, resulting in training and assessment centres often having a stronger voice in deliberations. The APHC aim is therefore to seek a stronger employer input to effect a number of changes that are commonly put forward by businesses/ employers.

Take part in our Gas Competency Review Survey by clicking on the link:

Thank you for taking part in this important research. Your views are important to us.

To download a full copy of the Gas Competency Review please use the following website link:


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