Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Will turning the central heating off bring peace to your household?

Although large parts of the country recently experienced the warmest temperatures of the year so far, 14 April is the date when most British homeowners switch off their central heating in readiness for the warmer weather; that’s according to a survey by npower.

So, will this and the fact that we have waved goodbye to winter and that British summertime has now officially begun bringing longer daylight hours, deliver peace to our households?

Well according to research by APHC, the leading membership trade association for plumbing and heating businesses in England and Wales, turning off the central heating should bring peace to our household as there appears to be a trend for arguments to occur over turning the heating down and over the temperature which the thermostat should be set to. 

APHC’s research found that 29% of householders reported that control of the thermostat temperature causes disagreements within their household. Respondents also reported that disagreements were specifically about the cost, which is why the research also found that 73% of households reported having turned their heating down at some stage to save money.

Whilst peace will hopefully surface in our households this spring (at least until September when the majority of households will turn their heating back on) you shouldn’t forget about your boiler  .  In fact, spring is a good time to have your boiler serviced, as the winter will have put your boiler to the test and if any damage or wear has been caused, it’s best to identify it now rather than waiting until the weather turns cold again.  Plus a spring boiler service will mean that you’ll beat the rush, as the majority of households decide to have their boiler serviced in the autumn - when they switch their boilers back on.

Make the wise move and get your boiler serviced this spring.  You can use APHC's Find a Quality Plumber search facility at to find a qualified and reliable plumbing and heating engineer local to you.  As well as offering high levels of customer service and workmanship as standard, APHC members are fully vetted with their work checked annually to uphold high standards of workmanship.

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