Friday, 7 October 2016

Simple changes could mean big savings on your heating bills!

It's that time of year again. With temperatures dropping, we're finding ourselves getting that winter coat out of the wardrobe and if you haven't already, it won't be long before you turn on the central heating for the cold few months ahead. We all like to be cosy in our homes as it gets chillier outside, however, none of us likes having to pay a huge heating bill. We've compiled a list of our top tips to help you curb heating costs this autumn/winter season whilst keeping warm in your home.


With around a third of the heat in our homes lost through the walls, it really does pay to insulate your property. As well as being inexpensive and straightforward to fit, foams and sealants are available at most DIY stores but remember to look for types which conform to the standard BS7386. You can also lag your pipes and water tank for maximum efficiency - fitting a standard British jacket around your hot water cylinder could save heat loss by 75%. That's a saving of £20 per year on your fuel bill! Finally, be sure to install insulation in your loft which works like a blanket, trapping heat rising from the floors below. Remember that lofts should be insulated to 270mm so even if you already have insulation fitted, you can save money and energy by taking it up to this amount.

Upgrade your heating system

Another way of making savings on your heating bills this winter is by upgrading your heating system. For example, a high efficiency condensing boiler with heating controls could save you up to £200 a year! Smart Heating Controls are another area of technology that could help you to save, adapting to your day-to-day routine so that the heating comes on when you need it but turns off when you don't. Having a solar panel installed on your roof could also help you to cut costs by using the sun's energy to heat water. You may even be eligible for a grant to have one installed!

Every little helps!

Aside from the larger changes mentioned above, there are a number of small changes you can make to your home heating routine which could make a big difference when it comes to that monthly bill. You may be surprised to learn that just turning down your thermostat by 1˚C could cut your heating bills by up to 10%, saving you around £40 each year. Another tip is to close the curtains at night, which stops heat from escaping through the window and take advantage of the cheapest form of energy (the sun) by opening doors into rooms which get the most sun and allowing warm air to circulate around the house. Finally, by ensuring all taps are turned off properly and broken taps are fixed, you're literally stopping money from going down the drain!

When getting any plumbing and heating work done on your property be sure to always use a quality plumber. Search for one in your local area on the APHC website at Why not follow some of our tips today and see how much you can save?

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